Top 5 Night Diving and Snorkelling Tips

Night diving can be so much more fun and adventurous, but sure enough, it is more challenging, which is even some of the most experienced divers are sometimes wary of this. But on the positive side, you have the chance of seeing new species of fish that usually do not come out in the day. Also, some of the fish you see during the day will often behave differently in the dark.

Try night snorkelling if you are not ready for the dive yet. Like day diving, you may even skim the surface of the ocean, armed with the best snorkelling fins and other top equipment.

Top Tips for Night Diving or Snorkelling

Tip #1 – Select a Familiar Site

Always select a site that you have explored before in the daytime. You already know the site and can thus check how the marine life behaves differently after dark. Besides, you already know how best to navigate at the spot from your prior experience, which will help.

Tip #2 – The Twilight

The twilight will be a less intimidating time for you if you haven’t done this before. This is also a great time for both diving and snorkelling because you can see how the marine life begins to behave differently as the day changes to the night. The animals get very busy at twilight. Day-time marine life will settle down for the night, and the night-time creatures like sharks, rays and crustaceans will start to be more active.

Tip #3 – Carry Your Back-Up Light

The light is going to be very important after dark. So carry a back-up light, in case your primary torch fails. You can carry a glow stick or a smaller torch. Try to stay calm if your main light fails. It’s an opportunity to make your eyes adjust to the dark and see everything without light, especially in a full-moon night.

Tip #4 – Get Ready and Check Everything Early

Do not leave it for the last moment. You will want to carry the best fins and other gear surely, but always do a check in advance before your snorkel or dive so that you have the time to find replacements. Avoid unnecessary last minute stress.

Tip #5 – Stay Close

Don’t venture too far away from your instructor on your first night experience. Slow down. Many small invertebrate critters are visible during the night, so when you slow down you have a better chance of seeing them. By staying close to your instructor, he can show them to you, in case you missed seeing yourself.